Precision Nanochemistry and Nanomaterial

In the past two centuries, chemists have developed the capability to precisely build up complex structures at the molecular scale (such as organic molecules and inorganic complexes). However, when coming to the next length scale (nanoscale), the capability of precision synthesis is limited. Our research focuses on extending precision chemistry from molecular scale to the nanoscale. We emphasize rational synthesis and control of nanomaterial with atomic precision as well as an in-depth understanding of the structures and properties correlation of nanomaterials at the atomic level. Through the integration of precise nanochemistry with solid-state physics and molecular biology, our lab also embraces some significant topics such as efficient optoelectronic devices for energy conversions, hierarchical solids for exotic physical properties, as well as mechanisms for the emergence of life. The ultimate goal of our research is to design and create synthetic nanomaterial systems that could eventually rival the precision, hierarchy, and complexity of living systems [1].





[1]  Zeng, C.; Chen, Y.; Kirschbaum, K.; Lambright, K. J.; Jin, R. Emergence of Hierarchical Structural Complexities in Nanoparticles and Their Assembly. Science. 2016, 354, 1580–1584.